News 02:07 July 2024:

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Twitter allows you to make a shout out on anything you want to followers.  Apart from just having fun around twitter, it is easier to take advantage of various twitter services available and make money just by tweeting. Having basic knowledge on how twitter works is an added advantage in this business. All you need now is an audience to reach out to widely.

Money making programs that are recognized on twitter include:

1.    Magpie

This is a network for advertising in twitter.  Matching followers with the right advertisers is the main goal. With the help of automatic twitter likes, there is a guaranteed increase in a number of followers potential clients to what is been advertised.

  1. Bukisa

Having a lot of twitter likes on articles, videos, presentations or any informative content posted on twitter is another essential thing. Bukisa gives you an opportunity to relevant media you like and automatic tweets will be posted upon submission. Automatic twitter likes enables these posts to gain high visibility increasing the chances of making more money.

3.    TwittAd

Effective sponsored adverts on twitter require an audience. A wide range of audience garnered with the help of automatic twitter likes is able to view such adverts.  Each click on a tweet makes money.

Relevance and attraction created by twitter likes is an essential thing in money making programs on twitter.